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We are a group of friends associated with the advertising industry for many years. We met at the Senator Polska company, a daughter company of Senator Gmbh – respected in the world, German producer of quality writing accessories and porcelain. A family business that grew out of the passion of one of the Merz brothers, a pharmacy-related family member, and his friend Krell. Merz & Krell, that’s what it was called at the beginning.


After many years, when the next generations with unchanged passion developed the enterprise, another friendship began a new chapter. Senator, experienced and known in the world of advertising, decided to help in the wide presentation of the magnificent collection of Koziol, which at the same time, not far and with equally vibrant and artistic vision, created its original ideas, appreciated in the world for its unique design.

That way, Senator and Koziol went together for many years on the promotional market, gaining real fans and a great team of co-workers. At this point one would like to write a meaningful „and they lived happily ever after”, but life writes stories without consulting its heroes and one day the daughter had to return to her home and we as faithful enthusiasts followed her to a new adventure.


Despite the great excitement and interesting challenges, our hearts have stayed in Poland. We could not live in a tear. Friends from Senator and Koziol, appreciating our commitment and skills, with real sympathy offered us the distribution of both brands in Poland and several neighboring countries of a Slavic soul.

Our next of written with friendship adventures began here. So it was not difficult to choose the name of the company and set its tracks.

In 2017, a new partner joined our team, whose innovative electronics from the D-VICE Promote catalog perfectly completed the first two collections, adding to already owned classics and creativity some futuristic wings, and to us new challenges and inspirations.

friends 4 friends

The story continues and takes on colours, and we are expanding the team and spreading our wings, answering the question: Is there a place for friendship in business?

We do not want to be one-sided, so we asked for a few words „from the other side of the mirror” – 😊 click if you know Polish 😊


We cordially invite you to continue our story together.

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