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Koziol masks

KOZIOL reusable hygienic masks consisting of two layers of flexible and health-friendly thermoplastic with replaceable filter.
100% recyclable!
Protecting our health during a pandemic, we have forgotten about ecology. Disposable masks and gloves have significantly increased waste production. According to scientists in the seas and oceans alone, an additional 10 million tons may arrive.

Hygienic does not have to mean disposable!

HI Community from KOZIOL is a mask made of flexible and safe for health material, 100% recyclable. It’s almost indestructible! It is enough to change only the filter in it, and wash the mask itself, even in the dishwasher or pour boiling water! As a filter, the company proposes a hygienic cosmetic pad, available at any pharmacy or drugstore.

HI Community is ECOlogical and ECOnomic!

– made of thermoplastic material
– 100% recyclable
– material free of melanin, formaldehyde and BPA
– does not absorb moisture
– 100% made in Germany
– reduce the risk of infecting others
– prevents touching the face
– infinitely reusable
– universal replaceable filter, available in drugstores and pharmacies
– easy to clean with detergent or boiling water
– dishwasher safe
– personalization option
– 4 colors (pink, blue, gray and black)
– individual PMS color from 500 pieces.
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